WHCL Executive Board


General Manager
Austin Ford

Austin Ford does not have a bio. He is too busy managing the radio station to make one. Also, that is not his picture

Emily likes radio and school. She also makes coffee for people in exchange for money. She is tall and pale.

Assistant General Manager
Emily Buff

Staff and Programming Director
Jonny Hacker

I make the schedule

Jonathan has been host of Anywhere But Here since 1998 and a member of the eboard since 2000. According to the student id card he carries, he's a member of the class of 2030. He knows where the cables are buried. Rumor has it that the FCC likes him on Facebook. The rumor is false.

Community Advisor
Jonathan Mead


Mitchel Herman

Mitchel is happy he was promoted to "web master" from "web monkey"

As an engineer, I'm in charge of everything from drills to soldering irons that make loud noises, smoke, and basically disturb your radio show. (Don't worry, I won't) Usually, you might see me around the studio trying to unwind the cords that people are so determined to wrap around the microphone.

Studio Engineer
Krissi Kim


Music Director
Alex Fergusson

"Alex became the Music Director of WHCL one fateful night, after striking a deal with a man named François. Since then he has begun a slow decent into the realm of audio experience, going as afar as to pull a double Van Gogh to make sure sounds get get right in there. Looking forward he has plans to retire peacefully, probably somewhere where the smell of sulfur isn't too bad in the morning"

Hey my name’s Madeline and I’m one of the Assistant Music Directors this year. I’m a sophomore who came back from break with the foolish idea that I can continue to do everything that I did in freshman year plus more! I’m fine I swear (eye twitches). It’s really not all that much. Just three jobs, three executive board positions and a couple of 300 level classes. I’m not cracking at the seams at all!!! (Silently screams but with MLA citations at the end). I’m also double majoring in creative writing and art so if you need a math problem solved you’d be better off asking a high school freshman than me because I forgot all of my elementary algebra before Halloween of last year. I host The Softbox Vol. 2 on Monday’s at 5pm and I cohost the Music Department Power Hour on Friday’s at 1pm.

Assistant Music Director
Madeline Justiniano

Assistant Music Director
Quentin Reynolds

"I do music and conspiracies and that's about it"


Jack Confrey is the head editor for the Wattage and de facto graphic designer for the station. He loves doodling strange things and being silly with his friends.

Publication Editor
Jack Confrey

Assistant Publication Editor
Peter Case

Peter has been an assistant publication editor on the WHCL e-board for two semesters, and has a show called Listeria, Tuesdays at 10pm. Peter enjoys loud music and walks in the glen.

Corinne is a junior at Hamilton. She likes herbal tea, theory, cavernous spaces, mornings, skincare, and very loud speakers.

Assistant Publication Editor
Corinne Russell

Events and Publicity

Graham Was born into a peasant family of simple means. He was the runt of the family, and as such was forced to suckle at the teat of a sow. The low melodic grunting of that other pig was Graham's first involvement with music. After that first moment, Graham never stopped being involved with music. He toured with his band, "Youth in Asia," for a while, until he broke both his legs in a tragic bobsled accident. Luckily, the good people at WHCL took him on and gave him the position of Executive Big Boy.

Events Coordinator / Executive Big Boy
Graham Paull

Publicity Director
Wade Steely

Wade is the publicity director for WHCL. He works to publicize all the great things that WHCL does. Wade likes to sing songs and listen to them too.

Peter is a sophomore at Hamilton College, where he studies computer science. In his free time, William loves to play video games and hang out with his friends. He is part of the Duel Observer and the Smash Club on campus, alongside being a member of the WHCL e-board. STR: 7 (-2) DEX: 8 (-1) CON: 9 (-1) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 15 (+2)

Member at Large
Peter Kelly

Member at Large
Amika Choudhury

My name is Amika and I'm a member at large. My hobbies include haunting my local CVS and staying hydrated.

Student Advisors

From time immemorial, K’zor Thrax of the Infinite Void has shown a strong passion for college radio. Borne out of shadows and cast from nothingness, K’zor Thrax loves to hang out with friends in the studio for his weekly show: Boot Snake Radio Hour. K’zor Thrax has an eclectic taste in music and generally listens to the soft echoes of silence, the squeakings of time’s wheel, and Danny Brown. Having served as Assistant Music Director, Music Director, and even General Manager of WHCL, K’zor Thrax now finds himself in the position of Senior Advisor. Having spent an eternity in the void, he is eager to share his knowledge and wisdom with the WHCL Executive Board.

Senior Advisor
Jacob Leebron